The aim of the company

Industry, is committed to the development of China's rubber products;

Service customer, rely on high quality products and sincere service to create value for customers,

For the benefit of employees, we help employees through common cause to realize self value;

Our pursuit is "rely on continuous innovation, for people to transfer more ideal world!"

The company's core values

Good faith "deceit", "not apt to", "words, in deed," said to just be sure to do,

Innovation continuous innovation as the driving force of survival and development;

Practical survival, one hundred - year - old was built jointly by all the employees a brick;

Crisis consciousness only foster a sense of crisis, the crisis can not be arrival;

People-oriented, is the basis for the success of the company depends on the employee's ability to innovate and self-realization.

Sincere cooperation and common development, sharing a blue sky

Have a piece of green space "integrity win-win" business philosophy

Make a model of partnerships

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