What does the pressure head of the pump mean, what does the flow mean, and how is it tested?

2019-09-07 13:56:04
Head and flow definition

Head: The head refers to the maximum water supply height (vertical water supply height) after the pipe is connected. When the pump reaches the maximum lift, the water level is still. For example, the water pump with a head of 15M is at a water level of 15M. When the pump is pulled down to 14M, there is water flowing out. When the pipe is pulled down to a plane with the pump outlet, the pump flow is the largest. The maximum flow of the pump.

Flow rate: The flow rate of the water pump generally refers to the water output of the pump when the water outlet is not connected to the pipe. When the water pump is connected to the pipe, the flow rate of the water pump gradually decreases as the pipe position increases, and when the pipe position is raised to the maximum lift. The water flow is zero at the location.

Zhongke water pump

In the above figure, the maximum flow rate (static flow) of the pump is the opening flow rate. The maximum flow rate of the pump is the pumping amount when the pump is at the level. The water output at a certain height can be viewed as the head flow curve.

The water output of the pump is zero when it reaches the maximum lift.


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