The role of the wave pump

2019-09-07 14:17:27

How do many aquarists consult the wave pump recently? How is the location placed? How can I better fish?

Here, there is a question, what is the role of the wave pump? Or what is the real role of the wave pump? At present, most of the aquarists use it as a suction. And ignore its true role! I think it is necessary to come up with it in order to facilitate its proper use!

Role one:

Wave-making pumps are generally used in large-scale fish breeding, such as: golden dragons, parrots, koi, lucky, maps, etc. These fish are prone to short, thick and obese in a calm and aquarium environment, which is not conducive to maintaining a beautiful body shape. Then, using the wave pump, artificial water flow and waves can be made to make the fish grow in a similar river environment. The fish will flow in the water flow environment and swing, and at the same time, the dissolved oxygen in the water is greatly increased, and the microorganisms in the water are fully exchanged. It is beneficial to the growth and development of fish.

Role two:

Through the action of the wave pump, the water flow in the aquarium can form a large water flow and a large circulation, which is conducive to stabilizing the water quality. It is also mentioned in the previous point, which is conducive to the full exchange of microorganisms in the water, which is conducive to the stability of water quality. The stability of water quality is very important! This is the purpose of the "big water, big cycle" repeatedly emphasized by the predecessors such as "the boss - the legend of the parrot"!

Role three:

The circulating water flow formed by the wave-making pump can assist the effect of accelerating the flow of the fish to the suction port of the water pump, and the effect of sucking the stool!

Then to achieve the above three points, the placement of the wave pump is very important, combined with the guidance of the predecessors and my long-term practice, the position of the wave pump is only placed on the same side of the pump (drum), from the water surface 5 The distance between the centimeters and the pump head is slightly downward, which can make the water flow in the cylinder form a "U" type circulation. At the same time, the wave pump should be opened for a long time or have enough time to open every day to play a role. My wave pump is 24 The hour is on, the effect is obvious! This can achieve the above three effects!

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