The speed control method of the water pump: how to adjust the speed of the ordinary DC water pump and the three-phase DC water pump. Adjusting the speed is to adjust the pump power, head and flow

2019-09-07 14:19:50


Brushless DC water pump (two-phase direct current) speed regulation method

    The two-phase ordinary water pump can adjust the speed by changing the input voltage to change the power of the pump, or by inputting the PWM adjustable duty cycle power supply. The cost of this method is relatively high, and the speed adjustment by changing the voltage is not conducive to achieving Intelligent control of the pump.

Three-phase DC water pump wiring diagram
Zhongke water pumpZhongke water pump
                 S series                                                                              A series

Potentiometer speed adjustment wiring method: (non-regulated water pump does not lead to speed control signal line)
     The red line in the speed control interface is positive 5V, the yellow line is the speed control signal line, the black line is the ground line, the red and black lines are respectively connected to the two ends of the potentiometer, and the yellow line is connected to the middle of the potentiometer, so that the rotary potentiometer can be The voltage of the yellow line is slid between 0 and 5V, so that the speed adjustment between 0 and 5V is realized by the potentiometer. Do not touch the red and black wires together, which will easily lead to burnout of the board. Potentiometer speed regulation and VR (0-5V) speed regulation are the same. If VR speed regulation is used, only the potentiometer needs to be removed. According to the VR speed control method, you can wire it.
Wiring method for PWM or analog signal VR (0-5V) speed regulation:
       PWM (50-800HZ signal amplitude is 5v) or analog signal (0-5V) speed adjustment only needs to connect the yellow line in the speed control interface to the speed control signal generation port (PWM or 0-5V) of the external control system. The black line is connected to the system ground and the red line is left floating.

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