Brushless DC water pumping and pumping, coolant and acid and alkali solution requirements

2019-09-07 14:24:13

Brushless DC water pumping and pumping, coolant and acid and alkali solution requirements

The head flow and parameter definition of the pump are all set with reference to water. The power head and flow rate of the pump are related to the viscosity of the solution, temperature and medium.

Pumping oil:

The viscosity of the oil is a very important indicator. Only the viscosity close to the water can be selected with reference to the pump's parameter table. For example, the pump type is DC40-2470, voltage 24V, current 1.2A, head 7M, flow rate 66OL/H, when this model is used for When pumping oil, the current will rise and the head and flow will be greatly reduced. The higher the viscosity, the higher the current rise and the lower the lift and flow. At this time, if you continue to choose DC40-2470 water pump, it will burn out the water pump, because the maximum limit current of the water pump is 1.2A, so if you are pumping oil, you need to make some adjustments, try to choose a pump with less power. Make up for the impact of increased current on the pump body. For example, when pumping oil, we choose DC40-2440 (the current is 0.5A when pumping, the head is 4M). When the oil is put into the oil, the current of the pump will rise to 1A or 1.2A, so the pump is still in a safe range. Communicate with the manufacturer to solve.

Pumping acid and alkali solution:

The pump can withstand certain acid and alkali solutions. Corrosion resistance depends on the pH concentration and chemical composition of the circulating solution. It needs to be tested by the user. The material of the pump is a custom material, and the material can be changed within a certain range according to the material characteristics to achieve different acid and alkali resistance.

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